A Minha Europa/My Europe 

The play  is set up as a confrontation between two memories; an Englishman born in Birmingham who came to live in Portugal in the 1990s and a Portuguese woman whose family had emigrated to London 40 years ago but never went to London. Besides autobiography, interviews were conducted with immigrants of different nationalities, and home videos, photographs and diaries compiled.This confrontation between the lived and idealized memory of these two countries, in constant juxtaposition with image, are the starting point for us to reflect also on the present moment that Europe is going through, what binds us together, and what separates us. This is the first of a series of shows on this subject. The next project will be concerned with the relation between other persons/countries.

Concept, Dramaturgy and Direction: Isabel Mões
Text and performance: Isabel Mões and Colin Ginks
Stage  assistance  and actors direction: Nuno Coelho
Translation to English (with Colin Ginks support) and subtitles: Sara Aguiar                                      Scenography and costumes: Isabel Mões
Light design: Tasso Adamopoulos
Video and Sound: Sandro Esperança
Design: Clara Barbacini
Photography: Mária Lázaro, João Portela, Sara Aguiar and Margarida Macedo Basto (Widegris)
Teaser: Márcio Andrade

This projec has the financial support of the Almada City Council, Portugal, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Sweden and the support of IFICT- Instituto de Formação, Investigação e Criação Teatral, Teatro Extremo, Almada, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II e EGEAC – Festas de Lisboa 2018.


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